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Free Shipping Worldwide. Use Code: UVAVSU Get 5% Off

Watermelon Ball Combo Pack { Free Shipping }


🍉A FUN UNIQUE SWIMMING POOL BALL ideal for water and dive games in the pool, lake, or pond. 🌊

What is the Watermelon Ball?

Watermelon Ball is a water-filled ball that mimics the flotation of a watermelon.
The ball will sink then slowly rise to the surface when thrown in water.
The ball can also be bounced, dribbled and passed underwater making it great for all sorts of water games.
The Watermelon Ball comes with a hose adapter and filling needle to fill with water.


MORE THAN JUST A POOL OR DIVE TOY - It combining components of football, basketball.Watermelon Ball becomes a high intensity Sport when played in larger groups!


EXCELLENT FOR POOL PARTIES - This is a ball for all ages! Kids, teens, and adults can enjoy Watermelon Ball at any pool party with family and friends.

How to Use

Bounce:Bounce off the pool floor and walls underwater.

Dribble:Dribble like a basketball underwater.

Pass:Pass up to ten feet underwater.