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Free Shipping Worldwide. Use Code: UVAVSU Get 5% Off

Tabletop Curling Olympics


Get Curling In Seconds

Slower than Foosball, faster than Chess, you don't need quick reflexes or the wits of a seasoned chess player to play it. Simply roll it out and start playing — It takes less than 20 seconds for anyone to figure this game out!

Go at it strategically or leave it to lady luck to guide your shots, this all-time favorite's bound to liven up any group setting & is incredibly fun even at any age.

Go head-to-head with Grandpa!

Now We're Talking

The thing about games that appear to be ridiculously simple is that those around watching start to think they can do better.

Just lay the rink on any flat surface (could be the floor even) and start shooting a couple of stones. Before you know it, you'd have a room full of people going about a full-blown, tourney-style, Curling Match to the Death.

Tabletop Curling can be played by up to 8 people at any point of time.

No Ice? No Problem. Here's how you play it.

The game includes eight curling stones with tiny handles and ball-bearing rollers that glide effortlessly across the rink-styled mat.

Land the most number of stones on the target to win. You can strategically throw your stones to protect your best landings and to knock your opponent’s away from the target.

  • Comes with eight curling stones in two colors and a curling rink mat
  • Stones glide on a ball bearing embedded in each piece
  • Box included for easy, roll-up storage
  • Rink approx. dimensions: 39.5” x 9” (100 cm x 22.86 cm)