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Free Shipping Worldwide. Use Code: UVAVSU Get 5% Off
Free Shipping Worldwide. Use Code: UVAVSU Get 5% Off

New Space Capsule Bluetooth Earphone { FREE SHIPPING }


Space capsule design

With the ultimate external storage charging, plus touch control function, simple and convenient

High-quality, cinema-grade 9D sound effects, suitable for various models!


  • Clock unique breathing light
  • 15mm ultra-small figure
  • Ultra-high sound quality function, anti-noise and noise reduction
  • With super waterproof function
  • Artificial design, 30 ° in-ear angle

    Binaural separation design

    The earphones are designed independently and can be used separately. One earphone is connected to one mobile phone; equivalent to two independent Bluetooth earphones, or two earphones can be used together. Cool clock breathing light, classic blue light, between two breaths

    Automatically turn on, connect even when taken out, and can display the amount of power on the mobile phone

    Hi-Fi sound quality, adaptive noise reduction, waterproof and dustproof function

    A charging compartment with a charging function can play music for a single i11 for 32 hours and can talk for 20 hours with high energy efficiency

    Packing list

    1 * Charging compartment 70g

    1 * Data cable

    3*Ear cap

    1 * A pair of headphones 8g

    1 * Instructions