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Free Shipping Worldwide. Use Code: UVAVSU Get 5% Off

New portable USB air purifier usable personal collar negative ionizer anion air purifier air freshener

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What Exactly Is A Wearable Personal Air Purifier?

Before we can define what a wearable personal air purifier is, we’ll need to define what a regular air purifier is.
Generally speaking, an air purifier is a small machine. You put this machine in your home, and it takes in air and filters out things like germs and bacteria. The technology is a bit complex, and many air purifiers have different methods of filtration. But, the intention is the same: take that dirty air, and turn it into clean air.
Well, a wearable personal air purifier is pretty much the same thing, but on a much smaller scale.
these tiny devices eliminate contaminants from your air. Now, they aren’t as powerful as regular air purifiers, due to their size limitations. But, with that being said, they are very powerful and very effective.

Why Should I Purchase A Wearable Personal Air Purifier?


Throughout the day, you’re going to come into contact with a lot of contaminants. Germs. Bacteria. Dust. Smoke. Pollen. Allergens.

These things are really bad for both you and your immune system. They can easily lead to sickness of varying kinds. 

One of the problems with the modern world is that these kinds of contaminants are so prevalent. Much of this is just due to the way cities are designed and how they work. Naturally, there will be a lot of pollution, and as such, a lot of nasty things are going to be in the air.


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