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Free Shipping Worldwide. Use Code: UVAVSU Get 5% Off

High Quality Full Cover Face Shield

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Full-Cover™ Anti-DropIIets Face Shield serve as a barrier to germs, microbes, and other patthogens spread by bodily fluids when surgical msak alone cannot. Always have the right equipment to safeguard your health.
Face shields are an essential protection and effectively prevents the spread of infecctious disaeses and any germs carried by dropllets from yours or from other people.
It's easy and comfortable to wear everyday. Practicing safety measures are important, not just in workplaces but also in the presence of our family and friends.


✔ Effective Dropllets Barrier: Isolates the wearer 's eyes, nose, and mouth from germs, microbes, and other sickness carrying saliva and sneezes.
✔ Washable & Reusable:
 Can be reused more than once since it's easy to be sanitized with alcohol, bleach, or other cleaning supplies.
✔ Ultra Clear & Anti-Fog View:
 Allows movable comfort with HD optical and anti-fog view for maximum visibility.
✔ Fit All Face Shape: 
Can be worn by children and adults. Has an elastic head band that is flexible for length adjustment to fit all face shapes and size.
✔ All Day Comfort: 
Can be worn with glasses and other personal protective equipment. Medical grade and designed to have adequate distance from the face.


Please also wear a standard surgical maask under the face shield for complete protection from pneumonia and respiratory tract infection.


Material: Plastic
 22 cm x 29 cm


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