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Free Shipping Worldwide. Use Code: UVAVSU Get 5% Off

New Hot Non-Stick Mesh Grilling Bag

Original price $25.95
Current price $15.95
  • Heat Safe to 600 Degree. These bags are reusable and dishwasher safe.

  • Snap fasteners so your food stays safely in the bag.

  • Grilling food in the bag instead of directly on the grate reduces clean up after your cookout. The non-stick mesh grill bags are dishwasher safe, too.

  • The flexible mesh material is heat-safe to 600-degree Fahrenheit and reusable time and time again.

  • Food stays safe in the bag while barbecuing, and the non-stick material allows for easy removal of food afterwards.

  • Non-Stick Mesh Grill Bag is the ideal grilling buddy.

  • Material: PTFE

  • Non-Stick Mesh Grill Bag comes with a barbecue bag.

  • To use, simply place your food in your bag, snap it closed, and throw it on the grill.

  • Size: A: 22x27 cm; W: 14x22 cm

  • Grill food without losing by grill grate, the bag is easy to flip & turn.

  • Smoke flowing through the mesh design convey flavor to your meat, vegetables, fish, shrimp, bacon, wings, and more.

  • Grill meat, vegetables, fish, wings, and more with the mesh grill bags.

  • Smoke easily moves through mesh to taste food and keep grill grate clean.


Package Include:

  • 1× Non-Stick BBQ Bake Bag