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Free Shipping Worldwide. Use Code: UVAVSU Get 5% Off

Ultimate chair stacking game { Free Shipping }

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Challenging Enough To Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat

Chair-llengers is a game of balance, calculated moves, and lots of fun!
Pick up new strategies & fine-tune your skills while you place chairs in precarious positions that hamper your opponents moves.

Benefits for Brilliant Brains:

Cognitive Thinking

Better Pattern Recognition

Visual-Spatial Intelligence

Hand-Eye Coordination

Develop Creativity

Focus and Determination


Play, Learn and Grow Together:

  • "Let's see how high you can stack them!"
  • "Stack the red pieces only!"
  • "Stack them all as fast as you can!"

This mini stacking chair game is more than just a recipe for smiles; it’s also a fun way for kids to learn. As little ones stack away, they effortlessly pick up everything from fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, deduction, to color recognition.

With more stackable points and areas in comparison to Jenga, Chair-llengers lets your child explore a whole new level of creative, strategic thinking.

Stack 'Em High
Stack 'Em Smart

Chair-llengers teaches your child analytical thinking. Kids pick up problem-solving skills when they analyze what went wrong with their toppled stack and create ways to make the perfect stack happen.

With just the right amount of practice and dedication, your little one would easily be able to create structures that seem impossible!